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Frequently Asked Questions

Throwing your party can be stressful, and it really shouldn't be. We can take care of all the hard work for you, but you are bound to have some questions. Take a look below at our most frequent questions to help you along with your decisions.

Can a Marquee be erected to a building?

Yes, our marquees can be placed up against a building dependant on the location to create additional space.  This cannot always be absolutley water tight as you are linking a permanent structure to a temporary structure. In addition, walkways can also be used to connect a house to a garden marquee.  

Will our marquee damage our garden?

Grass will be temporarily discoloured and flattened, but it swiftly recovers and we are always careful to avoid damage if flower beds are located within the marquee.

When will you put up and take down the Marquee Hire?

We will erect your marquee on the day of your event and take it down the following day.  Should this not fit in with your party plans, then we will always try and work around your needs.

Should you wish to hire your marquee for longer periods,  reasonable daily rates apply.

Will I need heating?

Our marquees are made from PVC with a reinforced core.  The material we use is 500grams per square metre or 650grams per square metre. With the addition of marquee linings this provides even more insulation from the cold.

However during Autumn and Winter additinal heating would normally be required.  




How long does it take to erect a marquee?

Much depends on what sizes are involved and the nature of the site. Most set ups can be erected and furnished between 2-5 hours. 

How many people do they hold?

This very much depends on whether your event is a stand up Buffet Style or Seated event.

Guidance is given under each packege to help you decide the size of your marquee.

You can also use our interactive planner to help you visualise the size of the marquee and number of people each marquee can hold.

What size marquee can I have in my garden?

Where possible and distance allowing we will always try and visit you to measure up to advise you on your options. However as a general rule, a metre should be allowed for all the around the marquee for tie downs to secure the marquee. For example an 4m x 8m marquee will require a space of  covering 5m x 9m. 

Can I have have a marquee erected on a hard surface such as a patio?

Yes, this is very common place. You must let us know in advance as we will need to secure the marquee with additional weights.