Why get a Marquee?

Why should you consider a Marquee?

There are many reasons why a marquee at home is a great alternative to venue hire. From our experience these are just some of the many reasons and advantage we found.

  • Home - An ideal way of show casing your home
  • Personal - A wonderfully unique opportunity to add your own personal touch to your celebration
  • Extra Space - Allows you to host many more guests by creating additional space
  • All weather - Weather is not a restriction or a concern regardless of the time of year.
  • Flexibility - Allows you to choose the time but more importantly gives you the choice when it comes to menus and drink choices.
  • Economical - You are not bound by excessive food and drink costs (corkage) charged by caterers and venues.

 What type of occasions do our customers use Marquees for?

  • Birthday celebrations - 18th 21st 40th etc.
  • Christenings and Baptisms
  • Religious Celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.
  • Kids/children’s Parties
  • Mehndi Evenings
  • Engagements & Weddings
  • Wakes
  • And any other celebration or event you would like to host